Westfjords Iceland - A Hidden Gem!

The West fjords (or Vestfirðir in Icelandic) are a unique place! The West fjords are not a part of the Ring Road and therefore they often get skipped on shorter trips, this is a shame as the West fjords feel like a different planet.  Car rental in Iceland is a very popular way to travel to the west.  Nature of the fjords is truly amazing and unique. 

The West fjords are only connected to Iceland by a 7km wide isthmus between Gilsfjörður and Bitrufjörður which are both fjords on each side.  

Driving in the West fjords is different because the road runs mostly by the coastline and it is only fjords all the way around.  There for there are a few mountain roads to cross when travelling from one fjord to another.

There are many places in the West fjords that you will want to see! This place (like the rest of Iceland) is not big but it has more milestones than you could ever imagine seeing over a couple of days. 

The Western most point of Europe is in the West fjords, and it is one of the most magical places in Iceland. This place is called Látrabjarg cliffs in Icelandic and is full of birdlife that brings the rocky cliffs come alive in the summertime. This is the perfect spot to spend a beautiful sunset on an Icelandic summer night!  Here you will see the world famous Puffins, Razorbills, Guillemots and the northern Gannets to name a few.  Latrabjarg cliffs are a part of the  Hornstrandir Nature Reserve and have been protected since 1975.

Then there are so many more places that you will have to go to while you are there. First of all, make sure to enjoy the ride while you are there! It is one of the most beautiful drive in Iceland, don’t rush it!  Make stops as often as you can because you will have a photo opportunity for every stop you make. 

Rauðisandur Is the ‘Red beach’ of Iceland. This beach is a one of a kind as it is completely flat and when there is a thin layer of water over it, it mirrors the mountains behind it. In the summer time, there are sheep on that hang out on this beach as well! It is not often when you can go to the beach to hang out with the local sheep’s! 

You should really check out a hot pool in the west fjord area, they are the best for a wash off after a long day traveling and exploring. Reykjarfjarðarlaug geothermal pool is the one that would be perfect for a bigger group. There is a bigger pool and then a smaller, more natural, hot tub right beside it.  You can find some fine nature pools to take a free dip in after your trekking in the west fjords,  Pollurinn, Hellulaug and Krossalaug to name a few.


Tours Of The West Fjords!


Take a tour with the local experts of the west.  If you want to take an Iceland tour the west fjords are a perfect place to do so.  You will get that extra bit of knowledge of Iceland for a really good price.  See selected tours below that we truly recommend to travelers doing a self-drive tour in Iceland. 

The Ísafjörður walk is a historical and visual tour in the biggest town of the West fjords. This tour will tell you the history of the town and more about the West fjords.


The tour ‘Trolls, Elves & Stories of Ísafjörður’ will tell you all of the old stories and tales that most Icelanders believe or have believed in the past (they will not admit to this!) 


If you want a little more adventure with the stories, Vigur Paradise Island from Ísafjörður will be perfect for you! On this trip you will be going by boat to an Island near Ísafjörður and experience the bird life (including the puffins) and it will feel like you just went back in time. 


Then for even more adventure, The Dynjandi Waterfall & The West Fjords tour is an absolutely incredible experience! This waterfall is argued to be the most amazing waterfall in all of Iceland, it is absolutely breathtaking! On this trip you will as well get some insights to the West fjords and the views of your life!


All in all, whatever you do, do NOT skip the West fjords on your trip to Iceland! The extra days WILL be well worth it!