Things to do in Reykjavik Iceland

Things to do in Reykjavík Iceland

Reykjavik is the best location for enjoying the fascinating natural phenomena of Iceland. However, there are numerous impressive places in Reykjavik that are worth exploring. There are no limits to the types of activities that can be carried out in this beautiful place. In case you are wondering what to do in Reykjavik, check out these great suggestions below.  Click here for a renta a car in Reykjavik.


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If you love partying and nightlife, Reykjavik is the place to be. This place is known for its entertaining nightlife. However, partying at Reykjavik starts a bit late. There are countless late night restaurants, pubs, clubs, and bars in Reykjavik. Don’t be surprised spending the entire night visiting different exciting places. You will also get the opportunity to see the incredible Northern Lights. Be sure to take some photos to catch this amazing phenomenon.

Visit the galleries

The historical Reykjavik Art Museum has three branches that are spread in different parts of the city. If you want to see some contemporary art collections, visit the Hafnarhus. You will also have a good opportunity to find art from artists and other interactive concepts such as the ASÍ Art Museum. The Art Museum is filled with work from various artists from different eras in the nations history.

Relaxing at Blue Lagoon

Although Blue Lagoon is not exactly situated in Reykjavik, it is an attraction that you don’t want to miss. This place has thermal waters that are mineral-rich. The water at Blue Lagoon is always at 104 degrees Fahreinheit. Additionally, the water contains algae and silica that are effective at curing psoriasis and improving the skin.