Snæfellsnes Peninsula is a must see!

Snæfellsnes is a peninsula in western Iceland. The biggest natural attraction in the Snæfellsnes area is Snæfellsjökull, a glacier volcano. The Glacier is 1446 m high, and on clear days can be seen from Reykjavík, roughly 120 km away. Snæfellsjökull and the surrounding area is one of the four National Parks in Iceland.  The peninsula plays a big part in the famous Laxdæla Saga. The majority of that story happens in the peninsula and the surrounding area.  This area is also the inspiration of Jules Verne, Journey to the center of the earth.

Snæfellsnes peninsula is the place in Iceland where you can see everythingIceland has to offer within a day or two. If you want to explore sharp glaciers, tall volcanoes, vast lava fields, black sand beaches to white sand beaches or lava caves, then this is the place for you. This is a truly magical place for the nature lover!

A drive through small fishing villages standing beneath majestic mountains, like Mt. Kirkjufell, are truly worth the experience.

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Here are some tours that we would reccoment to everyone that are on their way to Iceland. Even if you do not plan on leaving Reykjavík, you must take one day out of your trip to experience the glory of this peninsula, you will not regret the detour.

This tour is a must for every Iceland explorer! You will be going into the 8000 year old cave, which was created by volcanic eruption from a nearby crater in Purkhólar.

This National park is one you must see at least once in your lifetime! You can see everything Iceland has to offer here, and the best way to do it is with a highly experienced guide.