Reykjavik Car Hire

Are you thinking about renting a car in Iceland? If the answer to that question is yes, then you are at the right place! Iceland is one of nature’s paradises, you don’t have to do much more than type “Iceland” in google search to see what I mean. Car hire in Iceland has never been easier. We offer unlimited mileage, all taxes included and 24/7 service at the international airport in keflavik. In Iceland, the weather in unpredictable so the best way to plan your trip is to simply follow the weather, stop every time you find something beautiful, and enjoy! There is a saying in Iceland, "if you don´t like the weather just wait 5 minutes". So it is best to prepare and pack that thick sweater and long johns before you come to Iceland. You can see all of Iceland in one week, but we do recommend to take your time and not to be in a hurry. 7-10 days is an optimal ring road time to explore the island.

What fits your needs the best? Iceland 4x4 car? Big car? Small car? Campervan in Iceland? Because we have it all! BOOK your vehicle right here

Asbyrgi Iceland

Ásbyrgi is one of the most beautiful places in Iceland and it is a must see! It is a canyon in the north of Iceland. In Ásbyrgi are many hiking trails, both for beginners and the ones that are more experienced. Ásbyrgi is the capital of hidden people (Huldufólk). As you have probably heard many Icelanders believe in elf’s and hidden people who live in the rocks and mountains. Ásbyrgi will not disappoint you! Ásbyrgi canyon lies in the north of Iceland, about 50 minute drive to the east from Húsavík

Thingvellir Iceland

Þingvellir is a national park in southwestern Iceland. It is where the Vikings gathered to make law from 930 until 1798. This place is magical and you can see a beautiful view from there. There is also a lot of things you can do in Þingvellir and you can read more about it here.